What Version of Yourself Are You?

What Version of Yourself Are You?

This post is an oldie but goodie. I wrote this post sometime between 2010 and 2012 back on my old blog before I started TPV. 

When I found it in my archives, I found so much of it still resonates with me. I hope you enjoy my blast from the past.

* * *

A few weeks ago, an interesting comment came up over dinner. A friend I’ve known since I was in diapers turned to me and said:

“It’s amazing how much you’ve changed. You’re a different person.”

Confused, I asked her what she meant because I don’t feel very different.

I feel, well, like me.

She explained that over the past four years, she’s witnessed my transition to a person dedicated to several new disciplines — writing, exercising, eating well, and so on.

She was totally right, but I hadn’t felt that change like she had. It felt natural to me, though I was clearly very different when compared to the friend she remembered.

marcella clown What Version of Yourself Are You?

As humans, the rate at which we change is quite impressive.

That conversation over the dinner table got my brain swirling about our shifts as humans.

We all change so quickly, and I’m not just talking about physically. I’m talking about our interests.

  • When I was five, I wanted to be a teacher.
  • At around seven years old, I wanted to be a writer.
  • When I was eleven, I wanted to be in the WNBA. (I can dribble like nobody’s business).
  • When I turned fifteen, I spent more time than I’d like to admit photoshopping pictures of *NSYNC.

By the time I graduated college, I had cycled through about fifteen other careers, including journalist, computer scientist, television producer, and more.

Over time, we all change, and our interests change along with us. What we thought we liked just five years ago, probably isn’t the same thing we are into now.

Guess what? That’s okay.

changing human What Version of Yourself Are You?

Like the layers of a cake, each step is different.

superhero What Version of Yourself Are You?

I like to think of these changes as something else, not just changes. We are hard-wired to dislike “changes”, so what if we framed all of this as something else? For the sake of celebrating these changes instead of disliking them, let’s change the language.

Let’s call them versions.

As we ride along over time, our interests shift, our bodies grow and weaken, but our spirits surge into something greater. We add on extra layers, with better and more refined versions of ourselves each time.

We are born as a version 1, but time takes its course and our interests twist and turn as the path unwinds.

Some versions have some defects and bugs.

Other versions are wildly successful and exciting.

The beauty in the ride is that you’re driving.

Whether or not your versions have been positive or negative, you can always count on the fact that a new version is to come — if you want it to. There is never-ending possibility out there, but it is inherently up to you to grab it by the ears and say, “Wait for me. I’m coming with you!”

What version of yourself are you on?

I’m pretty sure I’m somewhere near Marcella v8.1. If I sat down and mapped out each version, it would be difficult to decide where one version ended and where a new one began, but I’m happy knowing that each step in the process has made me a happier and more fulfilled person. Sure, I’ve made my fair share of mistakes, but each setback has helped shorten the road to happiness all the more.

Sometimes a version of yourself lasts a few months, and others last a few years.

Lately, I’m burning through versions faster than my iPhone burns through a full battery. It’s exhausting, sure — and it’s invigorating.

Dear reader, what version of yourself are you on?

Wishing you awesomeness,

— Marcella

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  • http://unlessyoucareproject.com/ Eric Ungs

    Such a wonderful post. I completely agree with you, we are constantly reinventing ourselves. I think the most important thing, as you mentioned, is that this reinvention is good regardless of it being negative or positive. I think everything we do we are planting seeds for the next version of ourself, whether they are fully utilized or put to use through different means. Each version serves a purpose for our future self. At age 5 you wanted to be a teacher, then a writer and you even enjoyed using Photoshop. Your current title might not be “3rd grade math teacher”, but here on this blog, you’re a teacher and a writer. You are all of those things. Much like the layers of the cake, without the first, second or third layer there would be no top layer. Our interests change and evolve. But, what I also think happens is all of those ‘archived’ versions of yourself, or interest, molds you into who you are today.

    Love the post, thank you so much for dusting it off and sharing it again. :)

    • http://www.theperpetualvacation.com/ Marcella Chamorro

      I totally agree — every version builds upon the last, doesn’t it? It feels to me like a more beautiful, organic way of looking at our phases in life… If software can have versions and improvements, why can’t we? :)

      Thank you for your kind words, Eric!

  • Justin Nuckols

    This is a great post really fits into my current situation. I almost emailed you this morning for advice how not to loose my newest version of myself. People listen to my idea with doubious ears. It’s dishearting, and I call them dream crushers.

    So its nice to hear someone that is still going through it to say its ok to start over again on something totally opposite of what you just dropped from near completion.

  • Nikko

    When I was a kid, I go crazy when I can’t play my RPG games. I was your typical video game junkie! (and still am today). I compare my journey of change from childhood to adulthood to a video game character gaining experience points. Whether going through something good or bad, I learn something from it nonetheless. Most of the time, we improve on what we already know because a new experience can teach us to look at it in a new way and we eventually “level up”. This is how I look at my life right now, do the things that you love, and if you make mistakes, it’s OK because you end up a better person in the end. :)

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