The Power of the Written Word

The Power of the Written Word

I’ve been robbed … by technology.

When I was younger, I found any excuse to write stuff down. I wrote notes to my friends in class, song lyrics in the back of my notebooks, and lists of whatever came to mind at the moment.

Writing with pen and paper freed the thoughts floating in my head.

I filled notebooks upon notebooks. Because it felt good.

You’ve never seen anyone so excited to visit an office supply store. Heavenly light shines out of OfficeMax’s front doors.

But all of that changed when I learned about technologies like Evernote, Dropbox, and everything else that now exists to preserve our notes forever.

Because who wants to lose their notes? There’s nothing sadder than filling a notebook with our innermost thoughts, emotions, and ideas … only to misplace them, leave them behind at a coffee shop, or throw them away for lack of space around the house.

Finding something I wrote in a notebook years ago isn’t as easy as pressing Command + F on my Macbook.

But what if that doesn’t matter?

After years of neglecting my notebooks, of leaving my Moleskins in a drawer, I’m starting to rethink my fear of losing something…

There’s nothing more beautiful than the feeling of my pen moving on paper, the swirl of my ideas on a page, the liberty of writing as big as I want or drawing out of the lines.

So what if it might go away one day?

So what if it’s a finite resource and I’ll eventually need more paper, another notebook?

So what if it takes longer than typing on my computer?


This is what my soul is asking for. So that’s what I’ll give it.

Forget productivity. Forget efficiency. Forget unlimited space.

Just because technology exists doesn’t mean we have to use it.

I’ve been robbed … by technology … but I’m about to get my writing back. Just watch me.

This is what my soul is asking for. So, it’s back to the written word for me.

What about you? I’d love to hear from you:

Are you a pen-on-paper person or a typer? Why?
Is there a small tweak your soul is asking for? What is it?
What’s holding you back from giving in to what your soul is asking for right now?

Wishing you awesomeness,

— Marcella

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  • Veronica Gentile

    Marcella: I’m totally a pen and paper person. I’ve had a journal since I was 13, and though my commitment to it waivers with the given year, it’s nice to be able to look back at the things that were worrisome to me back then. I’ve been good about writing in 2014, and am hoping to continue this up as I find a lot of the answers to my own questions pop up through my writing. I hope you’re doing well. Un beso!

    • Marcella Chamorro

      It’s so true, answering my own questions happens a lot…

      In a small separate notebook, I’ve started making a list of what worries me at the moment … and then leaving it behind. As if writing it down implies that it’ll soon be taken care of. Most of the time, when I look back at my lists from last week, 99% of things have been taken care of on their own. :)

  • Itzel Arroliga

    Great!! A tech specialist/lover who wants to write on paper! :D I have been trying for around two years to find an app or something to replace my paper agenda. I’ve done so because “technology is more efficient”/ “trees will not be cut down because of my infatuation with paper”. I have failed! I thought maybe I had not found the right app (I’ve tried: evernote/one note/google calendar/workflowy/task free/ & more!). But, being honest with myself… I just love writing on paper! I feel that having no format to follow is great, especially when I am trying to get creative or to solve a problem. So far I’ve been trying to be “reasonable” and use technology, but maybe what is reasonable is to do what works best for me…what makes ME more productive/efficient/happier. Regarding the trees-thing, I guess I can always plant some! By the way, I agree with the previous comment; I also think that looking at how your handwriting changes over time is kind of funny too! Thanks for the post!! :)

    • Marcella Chamorro

      Exactly! What’s reasonable? That which allows me to feel great, do my best work, and enjoy the process.

      The only notebook I’ve been considering for it’s “keepsake” ability is You may want to check it out!

      • Itzel Arroliga

        :) Thank you!

  • Damond

    For me, to journal means something pretty significant. It means that I’ve given myself the gift of time and solitude. I find that I allow myself to get occupied and rushed preventing me from exploring my thoughts for the day or materializing my emotions. I suppose I don’t have a preference over pen and paper although I find myself using them when I do journal. What matters to me is the permanence of the words written or typed. For this reason if I journal something it will be in an e-mail to myself, or transferred to .pdf or kept in a notebook in ink. Each of these methods can be destroyed but by using Word I can alter or change all to easily if what I have written is no longer applicable. This allows me to explore where I have come from and what may have changed. To answer the tweak in my soul question it would be to make more effort to choose time, to be here and now. My homework will come, my responsibilities are waiting and my dinner will be eaten, however even writing this reply has given me presence that I seek on a regular basis. I am only holding myself back because I have competing values that I must explore.

    • Marcella Chamorro

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Damond! I’m glad writing this reply helped in some way. I enjoyed reading it.

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