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Compilation: 6 Recipes With Which You Will Get Everyone To Love To Eat Fish

Compilation: 6 Recipes With Which You Will Get Everyone To Love To Eat Fish

I have heard in countless occasions that when the fish arrives at the table, many are taken away from hunger before trying a bite. The children say they do not like it, some older people are lazy to clean the thorns and others do not manifest and simply say they prefer fried eggs, completely ruining the illusion of the chef after careful to prepare that rich fresh fish you just bought.

This time I come with a compilation of recipes that will make you triumph as the best chefs and with which you will get asked again and again to make them dishes so rich, original and fun that you had a day. These are recipes that take fish as the main ingredient, but that we have hidden so that they taste without seeing it. This is precisely my intention, to recognize all those fussing who like fish and eat it to the marvelous. So I start with this great challenge that I have marked. I have to say that I have had the colleagues of red easy peasy to be able to gather these recipes. To all of them I thank you for your generosity.

Compilation: 6 Recipes With Which You Will Get Everyone To Love To Eat FishI bring from my blog Anna easy recipes few cannelloni homemade tuna. Easy and fast (recipe here). They are prepared by filling the cannelloni plates with a mixture of hard-boiled egg, tuna and homemade tomato. They are rolled and covered with beachmeal and grated cheese and gratin It is as easy as it seems and you also have a video recorder with which you will realize that preparing them is very easy. Also I teach you to prepare a béchamel in five minutes and without lumps in video and also show you all the tricks to boil the cannelloni and do not break. Find out! From Platos Plis Plas blog, I bring you this   Round of sardines (recipe here). First you have to prepare a mashed potato with milk, which extends to form a sheet that you will fill with olives, capers, onions, olives and sardines. It is rolled up like an arm and once cooled in the fridge, you serve it by cutting slices. You have a video recorder so you can see in this step. Original and rich! From the blog, the proposal is a Puff pastry with sardines (recipe here). It is prepared by filling a puff pastry with tomatoes, sardines, hard boiled eggs and stuffed olives. Cover with another sheet of puff pastry and paint with beaten egg to shine. The final touch is given by the sesame. It ends up baking the pie. An easy and delicious recipe. I can already imagine the creaking of the puff pastry and find me with this wonderful filling. From family kitchen, we suggest a fish cake (recipe here) . It is prepared with cream (cream of milk), eggs, tomato and cooked fish crumbled. It is baked in the oven and served with mayonnaise or rose sauce. It is a recipe with which you will have the version, mousse or salty cake. You decide how you present it. A great idea for holidays or every day because it is so simple to prepare that you will see how you like it. You have videotape to not miss a single detail of the elaboration. From the blog Patty’s Cake comes a recipe of   potato croquettes and cod with all-i-oli sauce and prawns (recipe here). They are prepared by making a mashed potato with the cooked Bacalhau and garlic and parsley added. They form balls, which are covered in egg white and fried. Served with all-i-oli. A treat you cannot stop eating! And to finish I leave you a  Tartlets of fish au gratin dill (recipe here) , At home we like a lot and disguise the fish with these cupcakes will make you succeed. They are prepared by frying a fillet of hake in small pieces in the pan along with some prawns and surimi sticks. Then a béchamel is made and the tarts are filled, which are prepared with precooked pie crust. Cover with grated cheese and gratin. It is a party dish that you prepare in a moment. I hope you liked this selection and get your own wish you to cook those fish!

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