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Awaken Your Body And Start Taking Care Of Yourself

Awaken Your Body And Start Taking Care Of Yourself

I often hear testimony from people who find it difficult to recognize the value of their own body. They refer to it in a contemptuous way, mere forms, something that neither feels nor suffers and that must surrender to their desires because it is what they want.

I must acknowledge that this pragmatism somewhat hedonistic with nature itself causes me sadness and reminds me of the saying of “take care of your body, in you will live your whole life”.  Because, do you know any human being who lives outside his body? I, to this day I have not met anyone … and less bad.

It is that body in which we are assembled, the one who welcomes us kindly to experience our life and in many occasions allows us to surprise and enjoy it! Even so, we know that everything is transient and has an expiration date. We are not objects of steel, strong and indestructible; we are mere seeds with great growth potential, whose survival is conditioned not only to a moderately healthy environment but to a minimum of food, care and affection, in order to flourish.

Our body is a gift, it has been given to us, and in most cases it is not given the same value as other things that have meant us some other effort. Maybe that’s why, one day you discover that great treasure and decide that it’s time to start caring for it.

Awaken Your Body And Start Taking Care Of YourselfPersonally I consider that being aware of my own body in all its dimensions has helped me to move forward with more health and firmness and, if so decreed by “destiny”, I will continue for much longer. There will have to be renunciations, will have to banish dependencies, I will need braking, balance and rest, but it will be the only way to be able to flow with determination, strength and harmony for this wonderful world.

Serve this story of Jorge Bucay as an aid to accompany in that awakening that desire for the greatest number of people possible…

It seems to me that I am now prepared to truly enjoy the gift they gave me. I climb up, adjust myself, look up and tell the coachman where to go.

He drives; he controls the situation, decides the right speed and chooses the best route.

“We were born, out of our house and we have found a gift: our body.

Shortly after birth our body registered a desire, a need, an instinctive requirement, and moved. This carriage would be useless if it had no horses; they are the desires, the needs, the drives and the affections.

Everything is going well for a while, but at some point we begin to realize that these desires came to us in ways that are a bit risky and sometimes dangerous, and then we need to suffer them. Here is where the figure of the driver: our head, our intellect, our ability to think rationally.

The coachman serves to evaluate the road, the route. But those who really pull the carriage are your horses.

Do not let the coachman neglect them. They have to be fed and protected, because … what would you do without the horses? What would become of you if you were only body and brain? If you had no desire, what would life be like? It would be like those people who go through the world without contact with their emotions, letting only their brain push the carriage. Obviously you cannot neglect the carriage, because it has to last the whole project. And this will involve repairing, caring, fine tuning what is necessary for its maintenance. If nobody cares, the carriage is broken, and if it breaks the journey is over …”

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