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Questions To Improve Your Health

Questions To Improve Your Health

If you are one of those who want to improve their health, change those habits that tie you to your current appearance and start looking after you, you are lucky because you are going to discover the most effective way to do it.

That way is not so much about getting information, healthy advice or brilliant conferences about what needs to be done. This is beginning to draw by asking the right questions that allow you to make a change of perspective. Change to a position of power that transforms the well-known posture of “I cannot”, “I am no good”, “I am like this”, etc. In a situation of “I can”, “I am improving”, “every day I am healthier”.

Being able to change perspective is what allows you to take the actions necessary to achieve things that, according to some old beliefs, you may seem unreachable.

Questions To Improve Your HealthIf I have in my head that my  breakfast options are two: coffee and rolls or infusion and dietary bar, that is, if I have the limiting perspective that in order to lose weight I have to suffer, my unconscious will want to protect me from this act of self-punishment  and not I will lose weight.

The Health Coach is a key piece if you want to move from a current perspective to another that would lead you to be more active and healthy, faster than if you tried for yourself.

A good health coach has the ability to ask powerful questions that move you to action, encourage you to make those positive changes you’ve heard so many times to your coach, your dietitian, or your mother :-), but you just did not integrate in your routine

Questions are a very powerful tool to set goals and get them and why..? (And this is not one of the most advisable questions to ask yourself :-): Because in order to make changes, you have to think things through in a different way than you did in the past. You already know the saying:

“If you keep thinking like you have until now, you’ll have the same results.”

If you can change the way you see a particular situation, your thoughts on that situation change. By changing your thoughts and beliefs, your actions change, changing your results as well.

Do you want to take the first step to speed up your makeover or improve your health?

Take the first step … And that step is … THINK!

It all starts in the mind and for a change to be sustained you will need a good base of support. Begin by learning to observe yourself without judging, “realize something” so you can change it and become aware.

To do this, start by asking yourself:

What changes do I want to achieve in my lifestyle to improve my health?

When we raise our level of consciousness we see things from another perspective, we see more options, more alternatives, we make better use of the means (time, energy  …) that we have.

As I have pointed out before, our perceptions form thoughts that give rise to beliefs, which lead to action and these to concrete results. Change the way you think, change the way you act.

  1. A) Therefore, the first key that should be followed is to choose your goals intelligently.

An intelligent goal is one that is important to you because it is personal: you care! It is not something that your mother repeats to you or that would make your partner happy. It is a goal that, if integrated into your life, would make you a safer and more confident person. It would also be realistic: it’s something that you see yourself able to get (not lose 50 kilos in 2 months) and at the same time is challenging (I’ll be down 6 kg before 4 months).

  1. B) The second step is to define them positively. When you want to change something you can make the mistake of focusing on what you do not want or have to stop doing, “what I have to avoid”, “from what I run away”: I will not smoke, I will not eat sweets, I will not To linger, etc. But the path of aspiration is often much more effective than that of despair. In addition the brain does not understand denials and therefore needs to receive precise instructions on what to do and not the opposite: “I will take care of my lungs, I will drink chocolate one day a week”, “I will turn off the TV to from 10:00 pm”.

A Health Coach will help you to program your “inner GPS” in the direction of your health and well-being by questioning:

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • What is your goal?
  • What would be the opposite of this?
  • How would you improve your health if you succeeded?
  • Why is now a good time to do it?
  • What emotions, feelings, etc. Do you have about making those changes?
  • What are your hopes and your fears?
  • How will you know that you have achieved it?
  • How would you improve your health and your life if you succeeded?

Responding generates something very powerful to consolidate the change. And it is not the same to affirm something that you want to change that integrate through the heart and intention, a statement of health and well-being that will impel you to the place where you want to go. You know that “there is no wind for those who do not know where it is going “.

In this phase, you prepare to take the commitment on what you set out to achieve and discover why it is so important to you.

Do you already have your answers? Do you know what exactly would change you in your life if you finally achieve that goal to improve your health? Keep thinking: How do you want to be? Are you interested in following the right steps to change or do you think you have the magic formula?

Equipped with the right questions and confidence, you are well on your way to achieving the change of habits that will take your health to a higher level.

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