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Why Do I Get Nervous? How To Release So Much Anxiety

Why Do I Get Nervous? How To Release So Much Anxiety

Every day I go to new talks, discover new faces, I know new cases and different health problems. But there is something that appears in each new situation in a recurring way: I mean the complaint about nervousness, stress and tension over the burden of obligations that fills the bodies of anxiety.

Most people are not able to relax, so I have concluded that one of the priority objectives to fill our modern life with health is to train for more peace, to live more calmly and to have more serenity.

Do you worry too?

I myself had to deal with the anxiety that appeared in my life years ago, but fortunately and due to my training and work in this field, I was able to overcome it by taking responsibility for my true vital and health needs.

For this I had to develop new habits, learn to listen and take care of my body and find tools that help me find calm and dissolve my anxiety.

Some of the ones that helped me the most were these:

Introduce the habit of breathing consciously

There are many ways to learn to become aware of how we breathe. Breathing is an excellent natural remedy to reduce anxiety but it takes some routine and time. When you are in an intimate and quiet environment allows you to begin to dissolve your worries. Something like when you meditate.

You can practice conscious breathing before you start every morning and it will be enough to begin with only five or ten minutes.

Here you can read more about how to do it.

Why Do I Get Nervous? How To Release So Much AnxietyAccepting as it is

Having a relationship of peace and love for you is the first step to making progress on the road to calm. You should look carefully at the things you like about yourself:

“I accept and approve myself.” This phrase that Louis Hay repeats in his books to heal, is infallible to help calm out in the personal life.

When you discover negative thoughts emanating about yourself or the situation, it is time to take control. Do not give importance to this critical voice and consider it as another way of doing what you had in the past: listen to it and let it pass nicely without resistance and return to your sentence: “I accept and approve.”

Another great part of self-acceptance lies in being able to free yourself from the opinions of others and not take everything that is said personally. Many things of us that we consider “bad” are nothing more than the expression of our own genuine individuality.

Show Willingness to Change

You may feel anxious, anxious or panic to show yourself as you are, but if you are curious and want to solve it, you will see that all those symptoms are only warning you that it is time for you to change, to grow in some aspect of your life, Risking to dispense with unnecessary attitudes or things, do something different.

Anxiety is there to serve you. It warns you that you can overcome yourself and get out of a situation that you cannot stand or help you grow as a human being.

 Review what you eat

A latent anxiety can be triggered by bodily intoxication and poor eating habits.

Fast food, too much caffeine or caffeine itself, too much tobacco, lack of vitamins and minerals can trigger a nervous breakdown that makes you susceptible to anxiety attacks or unable to cope with stress.

Learn to eat healthy. You can start by introducing green tea, rooibos, cinnamon, relaxing herbs, and alkaline foods to your diet. They can help you purify your blood and strengthen your nervous-emotional balance.

Learn new ways to relieve stress and anxiety

Many times we face stress with very unhealthy responses: we become angry, we isolate ourselves, we begin to eat everything or drink excessively, we postpone the important and so on.

But there are healthy ways to deal with stress and anxiety. What it requires of you is that you are willing to try them and repeat them to generate results: my favorite ones are yoga, meditation, massages, and of course, being able to share my problems with someone you trust!

If you need more tools to deal with your stress, you have more serious problems to change your negative emotions and you want to learn to release your anxiety, I will be putting resources on the blog and announcing talks and workshops in the coming days .

Do not let yourself be overcome by anxiety and use it to discover the changes that will lead you to live a healthier and intensely happy life!

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