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Itching Of Feet, Why And What Can I Do?

Itching Of Feet. Why And What Can I Do

The feet have a skin that supports conditions such as having to put up with the full weight of your body, rubbing with shoes, humidity from the heat of summer or closed shoes … and all that can make you irritate and dry more Ease or that favors the appearance of fungi. Discover the causes and treatments for foot itching.
When you begin to notice tingling in the feet or pruritus (itching) is that your feet are telling you that something happens to them. Instinctively the first thing we do when our feet itch is scratch. Although something that is always done should be avoided because scratching us many times make the situation worse. What’s more, this simple, everyday act can make it a secondary infection. I advise you to read itching in the feet. Most common causes and treatments.

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When the feet are irritated it is usually because they have come in contact with some irritating substance. We should not think that it is aggressive substances but even shower gels or creams that we can use can irritate our skin. It will depend on whether our skin tolerates it or not.

Other causes that can cause irritation are genetics or not having a balanced and healthy diet. Yes, again the food may be to blame for the onset of a disorder. If we do not follow a healthy and balanced diet and choose junk food, we notice it, it dries, and with that it appears the itching. It is important that our diet includes vitamins and essential fatty acids, and that is why we should consume fruit, fish and vegetables among other foods. Have not you even considered taking a look at your diet?

It can also give us an allergy to both an external agent (touching a product that we allergy) or internal (consume something that we allergy). Sometimes we are not aware of what gives us the allergy but can be produced by contact with the glue of the shoes, the neomycin of some topical creams, perfumes, poison ivy, adhesive tapes … and even products to treat the nails of the feet.

In these cases, topical corticosteroids are not only given but may even be prescribed orally. It is also advisable to use calamine creams to help soothe the itching.

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If you are one of those who starts to notice itching after the shower thinks that you will surely suffer from aquagenic itching. It is often given by the products that add to the water to make it potable, for example, chlorine.

If the cause of the itching is due to an infection, it must be said that it must be treated as the cause. That is, there may be problems of psoriasis, dermatitis, folliculitis or a simple bite of some insect. So it must be dealt with by the deceased. In the pharmacy we usually give creams with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or with corticosteroids to treat the inflammation and pruritus that occurs in these cases although there would then be other specific products for atopic skin, for dermatitis or for bites. Both treatments can be supplemented depending on the severity of the itching and the cause. You should always consult!

If It Is A Fungal Infection…

When we have fungal infection in the feet (athlete’s foot), it feels itchy and the skin usually flakes and turns red. In the most severe cases even blisters appear. It is very important not to drag. I have already said that and I will say it again, but in the event that there are blisters it is very important that they do not pet. In these cases we must use antigĂșngicos. In the article I tell you more in detail about it.  Forget the Athlete’s Foot. Causes, treatment and advice.

If our feet are very perspiring or if we have very dry…

One of the causes that can give both fungi and eczema is the sweat, or rather, the excess moisture in the feet. The eczema is similar to the athlete’s foot but it is not the fungi that cause it but dryness or excessive moisture in the feet. Both cases give eczema. The skin becomes irritated and itchy.

In these cases the skin is often thickened and may even appear blisters in the area. There may also be stripes like lines on the skin.

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For these cases it is very important to apply special creams for dry skin such as Gehwol, LetiAT4, Eucerin, Lutsine Xeramance, Nutratopic, Avene Xeracalm (there are many that can be used) … to hydrate the skin well and regulate the pH. In this case also creams with corticosteroids can be used to go faster and in more acute cases that present inflammation.

But these are not all causes; there are also a percentage of people who notice itching in the feet and legs because of poor circulation.

Or it may be due to liver problems. If the person has a liver disorder cannot remove toxins from the body normally and this causes them to accumulate and can generate itching. For example, when a case of jaundice occurs, there is an increase in bilirubin levels and the patient experiences general pruritus, on the whole.

As with the liver, the other organs of “cleansing” the body, the kidneys, also cause itching.

For mild cases of itching we can use home remedies that can relieve itching. Of course, if it pits a lot or if the remedies are not calm you have to visit a specialist (dermatologist).

The first thing to remember in ALL cases is that WE SHOULD NOT RAKE.

1. Toothpaste. Yes but with care

One of the most commonly used remedies is that of toothpaste. Well, we can use it but always watching it contains no irritants or abrasives (such as whitening products for example). If it is aloe vera toothpaste, for example, it can be used. With that we leave it about 5 minutes is enough?

2. Aloe vera (aloe) and soap

If it is a bite we can wash the area with soap and put some aloe Vera …

3. Green clay

A paste should be made with green clay and water. The truth is that this is one of the best remedies along with aloe vera so that the skin is restored, stop chopping and even lower inflammation if there is. Just apply the paste over the area and let it dry (usually 15 minutes is already but you will see because it shows when it is dry). Then you rinse well with water to be clean and put some aloe vera.

4. Water with bicarbonate

You can use baking soda with a little water. We make a paste with the two products and apply it on the area that chop. We also leave it for 5 or 10 minutes. It will help relieve the itching.

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