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Fruits And Vegetables: Beneficial Foods Similar To Our Body

Fruits And Vegetables: Beneficial Foods Similar To Our Body

This isĀ  confirmed by Signatura Rerorum , the so-called “signature of things”, a discipline created by the physician of the Renaissance Paracelsus that relates the form of fruits and vegetables with the human body of foods capable of healing, thanks to its properties . For a long time, this theory was considered too “imaginative” and unreal, but today, science confirms some aspects of this (not all) discipline. You can, for example, find similarities between nuts and the brain. And if we stop to think we know that nuts bring us many benefits for our brain. As with this relationship there are many other natural foods that maintain it.

1. Avocado

Fruits and vegetables: beneficial foods similar to our body

The shape of avocado, a fruit with numerous beneficial properties, with the nucleus inside, recalls the condition of a pregnant woman. This fruit is very good to lose the weight has increased during pregnancy and is ideal for preventing ovarian and cervical cancer. It also promotes hormonal balance. Another curious similarity is that from flowering to yielding ripe fruit lasts exactly nine months.

2. Celery

Fruits and vegetables: beneficial foods similar to our body

The celery, with all its ramifications, reminiscent of the bones. And what about the benefits that this plant has on our skeleton. In fact it is a perfect ally for our bone system thanks to the large amount of minerals it contains. Remember that the bones of the human body are composed of 23% sodium, and celery contains 23% of this mineral.

3. Nuts

Fruits and vegetables: beneficial foods similar to our body

The nuts have a shape that is very similar to the brain human with two hemispheres and many links between different areas. These fruits are very important for the brain, since they allow us to recover if we feel tired and stressed. All this thanks to the presence of very important nutrients, such as phosphorus and magnesium.

Fruits And Vegetables: Beneficial Foods Similar To Our Body4. Grape

Fruits and vegetables: beneficial foods similar to our body

Even the grapes are connected, according to this ancient discipline, to an organ of the human body. These are the lungs: the bunch of grapes resembles the pulmonary alveoli. This fruit has protective action against lung cancer.

5. The mushrooms

Ear Mushrooms

The mushroom slices are very similar to the ears. Another interesting connection, why fungi have a beneficial action on this part of the body. According to some recent research mushrooms contain ergosterol, a precursor of vitamin D essential to improve hearing, thanks to its ability to act to benefit small bones that transmit vibrations from the eardrum to the auditory nerve.

6. Ginger

Ginger stomach

The ginger root, great for its many properties, often has a shape similar to the stomach. And this food is perfect against certain gastrointestinal disorders: it helps to the digestion and allows controlling the nauseas.

7. Potatoes

Pancreas potatoes

The potatoes have the ability to balance the glycemic index of diabetics. Of course, they should be taken in moderation and under strict medical supervision. And following the discipline of Paracelsus, it must be said that the potatoes have a shape that resembles that of the pancreas.

8. Olives

Ovarian olives

The olives, which have a way reminiscent of the ovaries, also act to benefit the health of these organs and have positive effects on the function of the lymph glands. Olive oil is good for our body, thanks to the presence of saturated, mono-unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, associated with tocopherols and polyphenols.

9. Carrots

Carrot eyes

If we cut a carrot in half we will see the strokes that closely resemble the eyes of humans. It has a shape very similar to that of a pupil, iris and radiating lines. Carrots contain large amounts of beta-carotene, a very important vitamin for the correct functioning of our eyesight.

10. Figs

Fig sperm

The figs are related to the male reproductive system. And although the imagination may need to be used a bit more, the seeds do indeed remind us of sperm. According to the ancient discipline, figs are able to improve the quality of male sperm, increase and strengthen sperm. They are, therefore, an aid to counteract sterility.

11. Beans

Kidney beans

Looking closely at the grains we see resembling the shape of the kidneys. They actually allow you to maintain proper kidney function and it is a protein rich food that can provide a lot of energy for our body.

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