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Cangas De Narcea, The Perfect Village For Celiacs

Cangas De Narcea, The Perfect Village For Celiacs

Usually there is usually little variety of food and at exaggeratedly expensive prices. But it’s not always like this.

What does that mean? That most places where food is served or sold are prepared with food and dishes for celiac and also at affordable prices. That is, it is something that could be done but not used to do. Also, the village is beautiful.

Cangas del Narcea is a small town in Asturias, Spain, which has become famous for being one of the best villages for people with celiac disease. And because? In fact it is not surprising if we consider that 3% of the population living in Asturias are celiac. This fact makes that there are peculiarities that in other towns of the rest of Spain and of the world cannot be found and that make it the ideal town for people who have this disease.

Because of their high percentage of people who cannot consume gluten, most restaurants and bars are adapted to it and include among their recipes dishes that do not contain gluten among its ingredients.  Anyone can enjoy a good shake or an excellent snack without having to worry about their celiac condition.

Remember that celiac people have a very limited diet if they are limited to the food that is usually in stores, supermarkets or restaurants. For example, they cannot eat bread, pizza, candy, pasta, or cakes, and should avoid and watch over sauces that they buy or eat and preserve. Yes it is true that there is a wider market for this type of disease and many supermarkets include a small section for food that does not contain gluten. Even so, it is little compared to the totality of products, and even less if we talk about places to eat. That is why, in this town in Asturias, where there is such a large percentage of coeliacs, the trade in this type of food and service has been concentrated.

Cangas De Narcea, The Perfect Village For CeliacsAlso, another disadvantage apart from being able to find the products is the very high price they have. Usually, they are expensive and with little flavor. But fortunately this is not always the case, and more and more people are betting on quality gluten-free products, full of flavor and at a lower price. And Cangas del Narcea is among the best villages to be able to taste this type of food at the best price.

In fact, it is now difficult to find a place where food is sold or served where there are no gluten-free products. There are all brands, prices and tastes. You can even find all kinds of breads and pastries, which a few years ago were almost impossible. Thanks to that everyone can enjoy excellent meals without the fear of suffering stomach pain, dizziness, tachycardia, tiredness, mood swings or headache after eating. It is one of the most celiac towns in the world and that makes everyone well informed to avoid unpleasant consequences when it comes to eating.

It must be said that the number of celiac people is increasing, which is presumed to be due to the hereditary nature of the disease. They can even prevent cross-contamination, something very common among celiac eating out of a restaurant. A beautiful village that is worth visiting for its beauty but also for its concern and active participation in a disease that is increasingly affecting more people.

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