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Wear sunglasses

Wear sunglasses

Today, sunglasses are very popular, because they are not only an aesthetic appearance as a fashion statement, but also protect our eyes from the sun’s bright rays. Who – even to wear all year round without having to remove them, since they are firmly become an integral part of the image.

As ophthalmologists have found our eyes causes great harm not only the infrared and ultraviolet radiation. Also it brings harm and too bright light. Incidentally prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation can cause various diseases of the eye, starting from the eye lens damage and up to cancer.

Wear sunglassesMoreover, the beauticians recommend people wear sunglasses. In bright light, as we know the eyes are always on their toes. Pupils have to very narrow. If you squint constantly so there is a large number in the range of eye fine lines, from which then can not be removed. But wearing glasses capable of such trouble to protect your eyes and keep the smoothness of the skin around the eyes, as well as the brightness of the iris of the eye.

In favor of sunglasses says another fact: our nose has special magnetic point and click on the place the person becomes less aggressive and calms down.

How to choose the right sunglasses

As always, it is recommended to buy sunglasses in specialized stores and optics, where you can always see the certificate of conformity, check their quality and to obtain a guarantee itself.

On the glasses must be specified index of darkness from 1-4. Thus, the drivers have enough index of 2 points for the cottages, recreation and city – 3 index.

But the quality of sunglasses are not only determined by the level of darkness. This degree of protection against ultraviolet radiation is the main point of selection. Quality sunglasses should have a label on which all the necessary information should be specified. Typically, UV abbreviation Percentage indicates the degree of protection.

It is necessary in the selection of points to pay special attention to the lens. Most favorable lens considered dark – green, dark – gray and brown. If the lenses are red, they cause eye irritation. Blue and pink though stylish and look, but unfortunately they are very harmful: Blue lenses do not protect the eyes and even violate color reproduction, and pink – negatively affect the mental state. Yellow and orange lenses are excellent drivers.

Previously we believed everything that glass lens glasses are able to meet all the necessary standards. Today, however, manufacturers began to produce high quality plastic glasses. The advantage of them is their lightness compared to glass, not so much mist, and decreases the risk of injury in case of breakage points

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