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Herbs for Health


We accept almost all year round eating greens in winter buy or grow on a windowsill, in the spring and summer gather from the garden. But what is really fresh green stuff is useful, and dangerous?

Green onions increases the pressure

Black hlebushek, yes herring with green onions … Onion feathers contain important for the nervous system and immune system vitamins B1 and B2, as well as a lot of chlorophyll, which refreshes the blood – daily rate askorbinki 50g. And there’s a lot of quercetin, which displays the body of carcinogens. It is also proved that the substance is able to slow down the aging process in particular organs of the reproductive system and skin. So guys if you want to stay longer males a snack often green onion. The smell, of course … But it can be neutralized using sprigs of parsley chewing it.

HealthDamage from green onions

If you eat it in large quantities of it – for the corrosive substances contained in the onion, and increased pressure caused by vascular spasm. It is for this reason, it is harmful to pregnant mothers. It should not be there and an empty stomach, because stomach acidity increases.

Against the Caries – parsley

Experts from the University of Toronto, the Canadian claim that people living in areas where the water has a low fluorine content, you need to eat every day, a sprig of fresh parsley. This green is very rich in fluorine, thereby helping to resist tooth enamel from decay. Parsley is also very useful for future moms from – for its content of folic acid, which is essential for the normal development of the child . One teaspoon of fresh parsley juice lowers blood pressure by 5-10 units. Celery – apple juice mixed with parsley juice is an excellent remedy for the summer vessels.

parsley Harm

Greens contains a lot of potassium, which is certainly useful to the heart, if overeat parsley (more than 100g) heartbeat begins. It is not necessary as this curly grass there for those who have gallstones and kidney .

Dill lifting forces

In such a “simple little” green rather complicated structure. Here iron as much as you will not find in the liver or in apples. In the Middle Ages, with the help of a decoction of dill seeds nursed cholera patients and seriously injured. This green dilates blood vessels, thereby facilitating the state during the summer. It is thanks to the amino acids improve the production of melatonin, which is a sleep hormone that helps with insomnia perfectly. And perhaps all mothers and grandmothers know to soothe baby’s tummy well help dill Vodicka. Also, redness and eye fatigue will lift compress dill infusion.

Harm dill

The herb is rich in essential oils and components such as, for example, is capable of anethole at high doses cause a drop in pressure, palpitations, shortness of breath and anxiety, as well as the neurotic nature of the problem. Therefore, pregnant women and gipotonikam should not be so eager to pounce dill.

Sorrel hangover

Going to arrange a picnic in the country ? Then the next day Navara guests ing green sorrel, believe me, they will be grateful utretsa. Sorrel contains a lot of succinic acid, which is an excellent remedy for hangover, based on it, by the way, make special preparations, which assist in resuscitation Census strongly. The sorrel also contains malic acid. It helps clean the liver and speed up metabolism. So chew on fresh leaf of sorrel, after a hearty dinner of beef will be just right.

Harm sorrel

Also mineral acids in the green there are also harmful acids – oxalic. With its overabundance in the body there are problems with the bladder, kidneys, deposited salt. It is also rich in vitamin K, promotes thrombus formation.

How green is?

Any fresh greens very fermented, contains essential oils and bitterness. To her of nutrients in the body become active to act is quite a small amount – this is the day of a small bunch of about 60 – 70g. And remember also that almost all the greenfinch has a laxative effect. By the way, try greens “extract” from his garden or in extreme cases buy it in the audited areas, as it is very sensitive to herbicides and nitrates.

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