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Fitness and Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Scientists say that the gym a week for 30-75 minutes significantly improves the health of those who are obese or overweight. Better course, if the amount of time spent on physical activity, it will be slightly larger, though such news was rather reassuring for people who believed that fitness takes a lot of time. Many of course may argue that sports are spending even more than some – about 30 minutes a week, and to lose weight does not work.

Weight LossIt’s not so easy! We must remember that no matter what class they were not effective, you can easily kill malnutrition – that is what is the main reason for those who engaged in fitness without losing weight. But if the situation is different and at first easy to lose weight, and now even one gram not throw, it is possible that your body is accustomed to a load. And this is not surprising, repetitive monotonous exercises every day can become familiar and memorable. That’s why you should be in your training more diverse. Catching up on the trainers have to alternate scales, running on a treadmill – to increase the weekly training intensity and so on.

In addition to these measures, there are others that do not require high loads, for example, to change the course of training . That is your 1,2,3, 4,5 exercise remains the same, but do them in a different sequence – 3.1, 5, 2.4. Mandatory warm-up does not have to move, but you can do to change the warm-up exercises. Very effective, it will be to find new systems that are optimal for this condition, because if you start to engage in fitness in one state, it would be logical, after which – the achievements to replace some of the exercises on the other.

The concept of “fitness” is generally divided into subspecies: shaping, yoga, water aerobics, Callanetics, Pilates, stretching and many others. Everyone does not get engaged at the same time, so you should choose something that is especially necessary.

For example, if the goal is to lose weight, then you do not have to deal with, for example, Pilates, which is aimed at rehabilitation after injuries, as he will not let you lose weight quickly. But after looking for aqua aerobics, will not be superfluous. Of course, regular aerobic , more familiar, and if you managed to achieve any previously – or the results of using the complex of land exercise, then imagine that give water aerobics, effectively ground in 9 – 14 times. So one water 1 hour save from 360-380 calories, with simulator, the loss of calories will be up to 740-750 calories. Moreover, exercises in the water are good by the fact that it is not sweating, fatigue, feeling less and there is no hesitation in comparing yourself with others.

By the way, during water exercise, the whole body gets a good massage, which is very useful for healthy blood vessels and beautiful skin, it is also important that such a practice is excellent saves from cellulite and helps to cope with it if it is already there.

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