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Exercises for a beautiful posture


Nobody likes people hunched and especially if it is a woman. So ladies if you have a stupid habit, immediately dispose of it. Ask: “How?”

In order to get a good posture you need to do special exercises: only look forward, keep your back straight and do not slouch ever. You would think that all this is so, you know, and do, but there is no result ?! Well then you ought to go through a more integrated approach. You sure these exercises will help to keep harmony and at the same time strengthen the back.

ExercisesSo, fast exercises for a beautiful posture!

In order to perform the first exercise you will need a flat wall. Walk up to her and leaned back against the wall so that your buttocks, back of the head and the heel of the blade at the same time touching the wall. In this position, take a deep breath and exhale. Imagine that you have in your breast has a small loop that you want to stretch. Put on the chest, stretching the loop, do while presses all four points on the wall. So it is necessary to stand for at least five minutes, if possible – more. This exercise helps to fix your posture, stretch the spine and straighten his shoulders.

Here is another good exercise to remove the clamp and tension in the neck and shoulders. To do this, draw a deep shoulders head, as if trying earlobes reach them. It should look straight ahead, to breathe deeply. Exercise should be done in 30 seconds, then breathe deeply and relax.

Stop slouching and straighten his shoulders – this is only half the story. It is important that your muscles are strong enough to support the chest and shoulders in position. Be sure to do exercises to strengthen the muscles that straighten the chest and strengthen the shoulder muscles.

For this very suitable exercise – mixing blades. It should bend at the elbows, take a deep breath, exhale the blade as close pinch. In this position and look forward breathe deeply for 30 seconds in the session.

Very useful immediately after exercise information blades another exercise per muscle group – the opposite. Hand connect to the castle, then unscrew it out and in a position straighten your arms. Keep head tilted down, breathe freely, arms parallel to the floor. Try as much as possible to strain the shoulders and relax your neck. This exercise will relieve heaviness in the neck, chest and strengthen the well helps with pain of the head.

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