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Drawing on nails

Drawing on nails

Modern girl must always be perfect and well-groomed from head … and in the truest sense of the word – to the fingertips. Beautiful manicure can be a real adornment, an indicator of good taste and style of women.

The special flair manicure nails attached drawings. Of course, if you have a pot of gold, you can every day to go to a beauty salon manicure and change, but our paper for budget people who are limited in time and in money.

Drawing on nailsTo begin the development of science drawing on nails will need:

  • The needle or brush;
  • The basis;
  • Nail the base;
  • Contrast varnish.

There are two methods of painting using a needle and a fine brush – these tools create a completely different images and thus complement each other well.

Remember, it is important to choose a combination of varnish before use. Best of all, when they are of contrasting colors.

When using a brush, then it is possible to draw and the liquid and the dry lacquer.

Drawing on the basis of the liquid leads to a mixing of colors. Therefore, it is best to check in advance what shade or gamma obtained by mixing the selected colors. Not nice and unexpected color can appear already in the final stages of drawing you.

Brushes Manicure are different:

  • Thin and long – for contours and lines;
  • Thick – for sequins and figure painting details.

The technology works with a brush

Apply basic paint and let it dry well, then apply a pattern. To the same line several times not to carry out spray pattern should be thick and heavy, because the thickened nail old leaves are not very neat lines of the drawing.

The technology works with a needle

Here, as a rule, painting is performed on the basis of the liquid. The thickness of the needle is determined by the elegance of the drawing. It is necessary to apply varnish on the nails abundant layer, then take the paint of a different color and put on a liquid paint droplets and quickly create patterns. To figure was more interesting is to use multiple colors – primary and two other colored nail design. It is also worth drawing to give a festive accent for this use glitter – silver, gold, bronze – they are suitable for any color. After painting it is necessary to cover the drawing fixative.

Finally tell you about one more original printing on nails using water. You get a real masterpiece.

For this we need to take a number of different varnishes, a toothpick, a glass of cold water. enter a drop in water paints.

Dripping can be in the center and next to each other different colors. This is done to ensure that there was a water lacquer film.

Toothpick gently mix the colors, and then pinch all the drops to the center, should get a flower shape.

After just dip the nail in the solution and support under the lacquer film a bit. The varnish will cover the nail. In order not to stain the skin can be pre-greased it with fat cream.

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