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Block out the sun: 3 new ways to protect yourself

Block out the sun

The sea, beach, sun … How do you want to get a nice tan, or simply soak up the gentle rays of the sun. But unfortunately, the sun’s rays are not always so gentle and can harm our skin and throughout the body. So how do you protect yourself from UV rays without blocking completely the sun?

Of course, all in one voice say, that there are special sunscreens and money. Yes there is! Although aggressive from the summer sun, this is not a bulletproof jacket. In order to reduce the harmful effects of UV rays on the skin should adopt 3 new administration.

Block out the sunCalcium and vitamin D

University of Stanford found that the admission of these two supplements can help reduce the risk in elderly women of melanoma, which previously suffered from nonmelanocytic skin cancer. In fact, how many years you have not been, and what would you had no family history of disease – still need to be taken daily 1000mg of calcium and vitamin D is 600 international units (their level, check with your doctor). Vitamin D Garner of pills and calcium from food rather than from the solar sun.


According to a study conducted at Harvard University – the risk of basal cell carcinoma may fall by 20%, if every day to drink a drink loved by all, namely – 3 cups of coffee. From a scientific point of view, this fact is not explained, but scientists assume – caffeine has excellent barrier properties.


Research State Ohio University in experimental animals have shown that the stress experienced animal is 2.5 times more likely to develop when the UV – radiation epidermoid carcinoma than those who were in complete calm. And the result: quieter than we, so our immune system against cancer stronger.

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