10 Things You Don’t Know About Me: A Work In Progress

10 Things You Don’t Know About Me: A Work In Progress

One of the main comments I get from people is that I am some kind of “expert” or that I have it all figured out.

Super ultra mega wrong!

I’m glad that’s not the case. I can’t imagine a more boring existence. Having it “all figured out” is definitely not where I am now, neither is it where I want to be.

I think it’s time to show you the real deal — the life of a work in progress.

Behind the Scenes: Awesomesauce?

1. I love being extremely strange. If you are unfortunate enough to see me driving my car, you will witness me jamming out, rockstar-style. I only listen to music if it’s blasting through my car stereo at a ridiculous, eardrum-bursting volume. Oh, and I sing — at the top of my lungs. It’s amazing.

2. I don’t follow up on all my dreams. I dream of playing the drums, but downloading an iPhone app is as far as I’ve gone to actually learn how. If I had an extra $1,000 lying around, the first thing I’d buy is an electric drum set — maybe one day?

badhabits 10 Things You Dont Know About Me: A Work In Progress

3. Old habits die hard.People think discipline is easy for me. Wrong! None of it is easy — but all of it is worthwhile. There’s a big difference. After years of practice, what I do is by no means “easy”.

Writing is fun, but sitting down to write is not fun at all. This post has taken me a few days because I’m suffering from serious sinusitis, yuck.

Eating well and exercising feels good, but making healthy choices is a struggle. Just the other night, I downed four slices of pizza — oops!

Having more freedom feels amazing, but restructuring my company was excruciating. Accepting mistakes hurts like hell, lesson learned.

Leading a healthy and fruitful life is as difficult for me as it is for everyone else.

4. I procrastinate too much — by reading. I like to get my tasks finished early and I’m a fiend for follow-up, but reading is my weak spot. Every time I open my Google Reader, something like fireworks goes off inside my mind. Learning is my favorite way to put off doing.

In a way, it is a productive distraction, but it’s a distraction, nonetheless. When I have to sit down to get things done, I turn off the internet — sucks.

5. I’m ridiculously hard on myself. No meal is healthy enough, no workout is intense enough, and no post is helpful enough. I always want more. And when things go right, I feel awkward and unworthy. Strange? You betcha. My journal is my best friend lately, and we spend looots of time writing about this.

6. Everything I do enables me in another way.I perceive ever single activity in my day as an enabler of what I truly want. I never do things just do to them. For example:

If I put aside time to watch TV, it’s because I feel burnt out and need some rest before I dive back in to writing, better and more energized.

If I work out in the morning, it’s so I can have more energy to write throughout the day.

If I schedule my meetings in the afternoon, it’s so I can feel more free and creative during the morning hours.

Does this make me calculated? You could say that. Am I obsessed with cause and effect? Maybe. What matters most is my fixation on getting where I want to go, on fulfilling my purpose.

7. I’m an absolute and complete loner. I feel most light and flexible when I work all by my lonesome. I get annoyed by any distractions when I’m working — even the TV or music. When I’m alone, I’m a machine and no task stands a chance against me — but it can get quite lonely.

To counteract the solitude, I make coffee dates with peers I look up to. I also meet with my Mastermind group once a month, which helps. This way, I get the camaraderie of “coworkers” without being tied down.

The most amazing part? I learned this about myself just a few months ago. My poor coworkers all those years…

f3d42ace688411e19e4a12313813ffc0 7 300x300 10 Things You Dont Know About Me: A Work In Progress8. When in doubt, I call my parents (which means I call them all the time). There’s no two people on this planet that know me best — the good and the bad. Whether its where to place my new rug or how to deal with a pesky client, my parents are my go-to advisors. Who better to give me advice than the two people in the world who want the best for me?

Some people say I should “cut the cord” … How about no? That cord brought me to life, and I’m pretty sure that’s the strongest cord I’ve got. My parents rule.

9. I’m so techie it hurts. The amount of apps I go through each week could make you dizzy. One of my favorite parts of having a blog is setting up certain programming pieces — like plugins. I love plugins! Most of my friends just roll their eyes when I mention a new app I like. But I’m always searching for a new app to help me make some part of my life easier. Technology is here to make things easier, right?

Think about it: what was life like before Dropbox?

10. I can’t be anything but myself. You know when you show up to a new place and you don’t exactly fit in with the crowd? I don’t really know what that feels like because I never hang around that type of crowd for long. I love to be myself — in all my gangly, sarcastic glory. Pretending to be something I’m not just never occurs to me as a possibility.

Me is all I can be. I don’t have it all figured out, and I hope I never do. I’m a work in progress, and so are you.

How Dr. Seuss of me…

Being A Work In Progress: What This Means For You

jenga 10 Things You Dont Know About Me: A Work In Progress

Have you ever felt you’re straggling behind while everyone around you seems to have it together? Have you ever found yourself wanting more out of life, wondering what exactly you are supposed to do with your life?

All the people you think “have it figured out” feel the exact same way.

As humans, we always want to keep growing, and our goals move a bit further each time we make progress. For example, I want to be like Oprah, but I bet Oprah isn’t satisfied with her work yet and is still striving to grow and do more. But she’s already so awesome! If we’re always chasing something new, when do we get to be…satisfied?

Here’s what you can do to harness the power of being a work in progress:

1. Love where you are at. Look around you, right now. Really take notice of everything you have around you and within you. Your mood, your desk, your phone, your projects. You may be dreaming of somewhere else, a few steps ahead, but that next place can’t exist without the right now.

2. Along with making goals, write in moments for reflection. Why just make room for achievement? Gratitude is also a very powerful motivator, so harness that in your upcoming year. I’ve been trying to be grateful for three things each day, and it’s working — even when I’m sick!

3. Be as compassionate with yourself as you are with others. We often find ourselves being so encouraging and understanding with our friends but not with ourselves. It’s as if we’ve used all our niceness on others, and there’s nothing left over to apply within. Flip the switch, and try some empathy and understanding on your “work in progress” self. It’s magical.

PS. New book coming soon!

Guess what? I’m working on my second book right now, titled Life is What I Say It Is.

It should be ready by March. Since writing my first book, I’ve studied personal development and tried my luck as an entrepreneur. This book is 100% about those two topics: growing as a person and using that growth to find freedom in your career.

In truth, this book is about me and the path I’ve taken. It’s a collection of stories from my life that I hope will be useful to you as you seek your own path. So many things I went through years ago have allowed me to get where I am now, and every step was important. These stories will show exactly how it all came together.

If you’d like to hear about Life Is What I Say It Is before anyone else, sign up below. You’ll also get 25% off on launch day. Sweet!

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